RADDIWALA® is working in waste paper and e-waste re-cycling management with a goal to spread awareness about recycling the e-waste and encouraging people to save the paper, save the trees, save the environment and save the world.


RADDIWALA® intends to help out busy people to throw away and get money for their trash newspaper and e-waste. You can avail this service upon the request by giving a call or sending enquiry by e-Mail or SMS to our mobile numbers.


RADDIWALA® service is not only for individuals but also for the organizations who find themselves deluged with a mountain of paper.


RADDIWALA® is here to help you to buy your old newspaper and e-waste at your doorstep.


RADDIWALA® invites to join hands and try to help us in newspaper and e-waste recycling management.


RADDIWALA® anticipates your consent to provide our service in your apartment.


Free pickup in below areas -



Kalyani Nagar

Chandan Nagar


Viman Nagar

Magarpatta City